Thursday, July 7, 2016

Making Progress

I went ahead and registered to take the Gifted and Talented CST exam. Basically, this is a computer exam to get the certificate for a gifted extension in teaching. I did all 12 credits of required work a year ago and have been putting it off, mainly because no one seemed to care. My coworker who was hired a year after me is going to take it this summer so I promised she wouldn't take it before me. Signing up is most of the battle. I guess I am nervous I won't pass because that would be upsetting but honestly you can retake it and more importantly, I have never not passed a standardized test. I mean maybe I won't get perfect score but I have taken many bubble tests to get certified as a teacher and I passed all of them the first go round.

I went from not wanting to do this to being like, 'oooh there is a test on the Autistic Spectrum?' Like, more certificates! Yay! Of course sadly none of these imply a pay raise, but a minor accomplishment in my academic career none the less.

Setting the test date soon, or at least they have my money!
If I set my testing date by July 25th (which isn't a problem for me) then I will have results before school starts.

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